MAAC Events

Apart from the famous 24FPS International Animation Awards, MAAC hosts several other events. Here, students get an opportunity to showcase their skills & to interact with experienced animation, VFX, gaming, and media & entertainment professionals.

Srijan Edufair

MAAC's Srijan Edufair is a well-known event in the industry. The Edufair showcases the best work created by MAAC students in the categories of:

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production

  • During the Edufair, industry professionals showcase animation projects and conduct live contests, workshops, seminars & case studies. They also mentor & guide students on various industry trends & software/ technologies currently in use.

    Job Magnet & more

    Job Magnet (a career fair) and the Career Helpdesk are set up to guide students on various career choices & to assist them with job placements. Top studios which participated in the Job Magnet last year included:

  • Whitwings
  • Gameshastra
  • Prime Focus
  • MagicSpangle
  • Ajani Infotech
  • Sparrows 3D

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