Digital Marketing

A perfect launch-pad to a career in digital marketing

Learn to manage digital campaigns, analyse data, and grow revenues for companies & brands.

According to Octane Research, about 19% of marketing budget was allocated to online marketing activities in 2016. India marketers plan to increase their investment in digital marketing activities by more than 21% in 2017. India is going digital - which is why recruiters are looking for trained people in Digital Marketing to drive growth! With MAAC’s quick course in Digital Marketing, develop the skills that will get you a job & build your career.

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What will you learn?

Get practical training for building brands using digital platforms:


Search Marketing

Mobile Marketing


Social media marketing

Display advertising

Affiliate marketing

Email marketing

Web Analytics

Hands-on Projects

With MAAC's Digital Marketing course, you will:

  • Generate leads & aggregate audiences on social media

  • Attract customers & drive sales, adding to your company's profits

  • Run digital marketing campaigns using tools like AdWords, mobile marketing, YouTube marketing and Web Analytics

  • Leverage SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get websites listed in top search engine results

  • Measure the success of Mobile Marketing & analyse its reports

Jobs in Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing manager/ consultant

  • Social Media Marketing expert

  • Online Reputation Management executive

  • Digital sales executive

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist

  • Web & PPC (Pay Per Click) Analyst

  • Content marketing executive

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